Grandmaster Han Cha Kyo


Han Cha Kyo was truly a GrandMaster, known and respected around the world. Yet, despite his many achievements, Master Han spent most of his time in his unassuming dojang, teaching traditional TaeKwon-Do to all comers.

As a young man, Han Cha Kyo, trained with several future Grandmasters, including GrandMaster Nam Tae Hi. Master Han was a vital member of the pioneering group assembled by General Choi  that developed  modern-day Tae Kwon Do, now practiced the world over.

Master Han created the Iso-Trim Method. By combining Qi-Kong breathing with specially designed isometric equipment, individuals can benefit from deep relaxation and body preparation for both workouts and everyday stress.

Master Han spent many years as an instructor, organizer, and ambassador, bringing TKD to various parts of Asia and the US. From 1971 until his passing in 1996, he taught in Chicago, IL. He reached out to disadvantaged people, including the physically and mentally handicapped, economically and socially deprived populations

Master Han was always active in his community, including the Lions club and Operation PUSH. He was publicly recognized for his good works several times, including the Pulitzer Newspaper Citizen of the Year. 

He stimulated insight, creativity and enthusiasm in his students and community. His example continues  to inspire us.

Last update: 06/07/2016