Meet the Black Belts

Tamar Brooks received her second degree in June, 2009. She is a regular participant in dojang events, and is in college majoring in theatre.

Alex Rodinsky received her second degree in June 2009. She is an active participant in all dojang events including classes, parades and campouts. She is the instructor for the Madison program. While Alex lives and works in Madison she travels to Rio regularly for TKD.  contact: 608-358-7670

Angela Tompach received her first degree black belt from Mr. Winograd and Dr. Brooks in November, 2002.  She lives in Columbus where she began and heads a program that meets on Tuesday and Thursday evenings throughout the year. All four of her daughters have some TKD training.  Ms. Tompach regularly hosts afternoon seminars, and often participates in parades and other community events.
contact: 920-623-2162

Last update: 06/07/2016